Is Fluorosis Irreversible?

My daughter of seven years has badly stained teeth from using too much fluoride toothpaste and probably swallowing it. I overbrushed her teeth not realising the negative effects this could have on young teeth. Her self-esteem is affected now and she’s embarassed to smile. Do you have any advice? She’s using a non-fluoride toothpaste now and drinking bottled water. She’s also allergic to dairy products and is taking a calcium supplement. Is the fluorosis irreversible?Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks and we look forward to your reply.
i don’t think the stain will be from fluoride in tooth paste as it sounds like it is inside the enamel already. Fluorosis is caused by excess fluoride in the enamel during the development of the teeth, if she is only 7 this this may have occurred during pregnancy but I would get your dentist to check it as the stain might be caused by something else. I wouldn’t advise stopping the fluoride tooth paste as this is giving her protection without causing staining
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