I’m Fed Up Of The Long List Of Work That Needs Doing And Want To Know If It Would Be Best To Just Get A Full Set Of Implants, Top And Bottom?

I’m a 28 year old female and my teeth are really making me feel depressed. I had a few bad experiences when I was young visiting the dentist and often would have to be held down by the other dentists as I was so afraid. I try my best to have regular check-ups but it seems every time I go, I walk away with a big list of work that needs doing. My mouth is just a mass of black, I just hate it. I was told my options were an implant or a denture as my teeth next to it were too brittle to support a bridge. I opted for a denture as I didn’t want to spend that amount of money on 1 implant to sit next to my other bad teeth. When the dentist removed my root canal 2 months ago, she couldn’t get it out and literally had to destroy my gum to get to it. I was left with what I can only describe as an upside down v up my gum! The denture I have is just awful. It covers the entire roof of my mouth and drops down onto my tongue sometimes when I’m eating. I’ve been told I need 2 more root canals on my back teeth both sides. It seems every tooth in my mouth is at a different stage of needing work and I feel it will only be a matter of time before those root canals will fail and I’ll need more implants. My teeth are a little discoloured but apart from my missing front tooth my teeth don’t look that bad from the outside, they are just very brittle, always have been. My question to you is this, I want to have all of my teeth removed and a full set of implants, top and bottom. I’ve discussed this with my dentist and for some reason she won’t entertain the idea, simply telling me its always best to keep your own teeth which I feel is a massive contradiction when she tells me the sheer scale of all the work I need? Financially I can afford to pay for them, I think the price I have seen is around 25k, I have always wanted a perfect, white, bright smile. 
To be honest it’s impossible to truly advise you without examining you and your situation in person but from what you’ve told me, it sounds like your suggestion is somewhat extreme. No implant replacement will feel like your own teeth and the figures you are quoting would be a low estimate on the placement of several implants in each jaw, with dentures on top. To replace every single tooth with an implant and individual crowns or some bridges would cost in the region of 2-3 times more. And then of course it requires life long care and maintenance.

If you have good bone supporting your teeth and healthy gums and your teeth could be beautifully rebuilt and restored for the same cost or even less then this would be a superior solution to implants.

My advice would be to see a very experienced cosmetic or restorative dentist or specialist prosthodontist for a thorough examination and treatment planning as soon as possible.  Kind regards, Mark

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