I’m 17, I Cannot Get Free Braces, What Should I Do About My Gappy Teeth?

I’m am a 17 year old boy who lives in England. I’m a full time student. i was offered braces a fee years ago but i had never wanted braces but looking back I wish I did, my top teeth are very gappy but my bottoms ones are fine (maybe a bit crowded) but I am happy with them. My top teeth are not bent, twisted and they are all in good condition but just gapped all the way along. What i would like to know is what alternatives do I have without the look of braces. I’ve heard about Invisalign but I think it will be to expensive for me, my price range will be in the region of under £3,000. Also is there any chance of getting any treatment with the NHS? If braces were still free on the NHS I may consider them.
Hello! Thanks a lot for writing in. Unfortunately on the NHS is no longer an option. My best advice would be for you to look for a system like 6 month smiles. Find a professional who has extensive experience in this area and you’ll be more comfortable with the advice and potential outcome.
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