I Would Like To Know How Much It Would Cost For 8 Front Tooth Veneers? Since Having My Daughter My Teeth Have Eroded.

Hi Mark. I would like to know how much it will cost for veneers and 6-8 front teeth and then to whiten all of the teeth. With a 6 months smile.

I have a gap between my teeth which I would like to close, also the enamel has eroded away on the top of my front teeth since I have had my daughter and the dentist has filled it but it doesn’t look nice. My second tooth on the right was chipped as a teenager and has now been filled with filling and my teeth are yellow and I want them to be white. Thank you for your time.

Costs of treatment will vary depending on the following or some of these variables; What type of veneer? Composite or Porcelain, prep or no prep, direct or indirect or combinations of all these? How ‘excellent ‘ you want the result to be?
What level of quality you wish to have?
What type of material is used – composite or porcelain? And what level of quality are these materials? Also it depends on how difficult it will be to get great results,eg: if any teeth have had root canal treatment they can be very dark. What the smile and lip curvature is like?
If the gum levels are even and symmetrical or uneven?
How healthy your mouth is? How skilled and experienced the dentist is who will carry out the treatment? The complexity of your bite? Where the practice is located? The speed with which you wish the treatment to be carried out?  Six month smiles is orthodontic treatment with braces and not veneers.

Whitening will also vary in cost for the same reasons and if you have very dark teeth or very sensitive teeth this might need to be managed carefully.

Your next step should be to be thoroughly examined and consulted with by a very experienced and highly regarded cosmetic dentist if you want very good results and the whole range of treatment options available to you. I hope this gives you an idea of what needs to be considered before you undergo treatments such as these. Regards, Mark.

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