I Was Bitten By A Dog Recently And The Gum Line Has Dropped Lower. What Treatment Do I Need?

Hello Dr Hughes, I’m hoping you can help me. What it is, is my tooth has been wonky since I was a child anyway but recently I was bitten by a dog and the gum line and the tooth has dropped lower and back behind the next one and now I’m struggling to eat solid foods as it’s getting caught. I was wondering if any orthodontic or any other treatment could help as it’s also severely effecting me emotionally too as I’m isolating myself as I’m not used to looking like this and have had nasty comments aimed at me calling me names. Thank you and I look forward to your reply.
Hello, I’m glad you’ve sought out help with this matter. It’s difficult to say based on the information provided, but it sounds like it could be a root fracture of the tooth and it would be best to be on the safe side so you should seek dental advice and help immediately. Try and seek the best quality dental treatment for best results. Best of luck, Dr Mark Hughes.
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