I Want To Know How Well The Enlighten Deep Cleaning System Works And Whether It Affects Thin Enamel?

Hello, Dr Moore, I have quite a few questions I need to ask you about the enlighten deep bleaching system. Does the enlighten deep bleaching system work on patients with thinning enamel? Also could you tell me how well does it bleaches dentine? Will they experience more sensitivity? How much change should a patient expect to see in the final hours session within the surgery? If teeth are not very white by this stage, will it have a significant effect? Thank you, I hope you can provide me with an answer.
Hello, I must say I’m only too happy to help in answering your questions. Deep bleaching was done with a light previously but is now done at home and with a high strength whitening kit in the chair, it doesn’t bleach dentine (like all whitening products) however the results are usually very good. You could do some light research which may provide you with greater knowledge on the subject. I hope this answers your question. Best Wishes, Dr Andrew Moore.
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