I want a straightish smile what can be done apart from braces?

Q. The teeth next to my front teeth are set behind, then i have my fang teeth going over them. I am desperate to have at least a straightish smile. What could i have done, apart from braces?? i am 25.

A. Dear D

Veneers often help in this type of case. A typical case would cover at least the six front teeth, sometimes the front ten teeth. Because you are changing the alignment of the teeth there will be some compromises. Some teeth will need to be drilled, the thickness of the biting edges will be differ from tooth to tooth and the final shape of each tooth. We can computer simulate some of these factors to show you how it might look.

More radically some cases are suitable to extract teeth and replace them with bridges, you definitely need a thorough clinical exam before discussing that any further.

You might also reconsider braces particularly if you are suitable for invisalign or clearstep .

I can do a free consultation to discuss the best direction for you. Costs are incurred for XRays and computer simulations.

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