I Have Now Changed My Mind About Getting Braces. Will I Still Be Eligible?

Hi, I have my first appointment with the orthodontists coming up in about 9 weeks. I went there last year and I was told I could get them but I said no, I didn’t want them. About 9 months later I changed my mind and asked my dentist to sign me up again (by the way I was 14 in April). He did just that and now we are at the present day where I am about to get my first appointment.

I wanted to ask you if you think I will get the chance to get them again. My two upper front teeth are overlapping by quite a bit and my two lower front teeth are too (not as much though – only about 1-2mm). I also don’t have a correct bite, when I bite down you can’t see my lower set of teeth because my upper set comes over them.

Thank you for reading this and please reply to me.

Hello and thank you for your enquiry. You can get braces at any time, but they are available for free through the NHS at your age. The only thing the orthodontist may bring up is your jaw alignment. Some people require surgery to align it. I have not seen your X-rays so I do not know if this is necessary. Thanks, Dr Shaffie.
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