I Have Gaps Caused By Gum Disease. Please Could You Advise Me On What I Could Do To Fill These Gaps?

Hello Dr Gambroudes. I have two gaps in my teeth, one gap is on the bottom row and one gap is on the top row of teeth.
They aren’t that large and I do have adjacent teeth. Both gaps are close to the gum so you can see through it a bit and it makes me very nervous talking to people.
Also they are not from a missing tooth it was from gum disease. I had that which caused pockets to appear and then gaps. Please could you advise me on what I could do to fill the gaps?
Hello and thank you for getting in touch. You would need to get your gum disease fully under control before undergoing treatment but once this is achieved cosmetic bonding or braces might help you, but without seeing you in person it’s difficult to say. Please speak to an experienced cosmetic dentist for a consultation. If you’d like more information on these treatments you can find it through this website. I hope this helps. Kind regards, Dr Marcus Gambroudes.
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