I Have A Partially Impacted Wisdom Tooth Trying To Come Through For 6 – 8 Years. It’s Starting To Taste Bad. What Are My Options Regarding This?

Hello Andrew. I have a wisdom tooth on the left side of my mouth that’s partially impacted. It’s been trying to come through for many years (possibly 6 – 8 years) but there’s one quarter of it that still hasn’t pushed through. It is not really causing me any pain however I’ve noticed a horrible smell/taste coming from the tooth. What are my options regarding this? I’ve been researching wisdom tooth extraction and am not too keen on this procedure. I look forward to hearing your advice.
Hello. You have to either keep it really clean with brushes and mouthwash or have it removed. I would get your dentist to take an X-ray and follow the advice from your dentist on this. You should make sure you ask all the questions you can to give yourself peace of mind on the matter. Make sure you have a dentist who is experienced with this type of procedure and you feel at ease with. I hope this helps. Best wishes, Dr Andrew Moore.
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