I Have A Central Incisor Which Sits Behind The Rest Of My Smile. What Can Be Done To Fix This?

Hi Mark. I have this upper left central incisor situated around 0.7 cm behind the rest of the teeth. It gives the impression as if that tooth is missing when I talk. It affects my social life a lot.
This problem has persisted since my childhood. The misplaced tooth was on the process of eruption while the milk tooth at that place was not falling off. So by the time the milk tooth fell off, the permanent tooth had already developed into the present place. I am now 23 years old.
Please tell me about my available options for the treatment of my condition.
Thank you.
Hello and thank you for contacting me. You could consider the following:

orthodontics to move it into the correct position, composite bonding, porcelain veneer, crown, or you could extract it and replace with an implant & crown, bridge or denture.  I would advise a thorough examination and consultation with a very experienced cosmetic dentist as your next step. Kind regards, Mark.

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