I have 9 missing teeth at 14 NHS dental implants

Q. I am 14 years old and have a 9 adult teeth missing.Apart from the two front top teeth all my teeth are at a 90 degree rotation. We visited a restoritive dentist recently for advice. Who refered us to an orthodontist. Do you think we would have to pay for our restoritive work or implants if needed. If i had implant how long would they last? or What would you recomend implants of bridges?

A. You are obviously in a very difficlut situation with your teeth.  Initially it is likely that orthodontics would be necessry to move the teeth that you have into a reasonable position.  Implants should only be undertaken once you have stopped growing as their position and the teeth around them  will not be stable until you stop growing.  I would always recommend implants over bridge work, especially when those teeth are healthy and unrestored.  Implants are the longest lasting restorations dentists can place and it is likely that they will last many years.  Unfortunately I do not know whether your health authority or dentists in your area would be able to treat you on the NHS – it is likely that the NHS would not allow this treatment and you would need to pay privately for it.

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