I Had Two Out Of Three Wisdom Teeth Removed. Now The Remaining One Is Starting To Throb. What Should I Do?

Hello Mark. Around 2 years ago I had 2 (out of 3) wisdom teeth removed surgically. The other remaining tooth was not pulled due to the nerve running through the root and on the surgeons recommendation it not be removed. 2 weeks ago I began to feel some pressure at the back of my mouth and irritation and throbbing, I visited my normal dentist who cleaned the area and suggested it would be okay with good management, two weeks on it has flared up again and is not so much painful but uncomfortable, like there is food stuck and pressure in the rear of my mouth. Do you have any suggestions to treatment?
Hello and thank you for reaching me. Based on everything you’ve stated I would revisit the possibility of having the tooth removed by having a consultation with a specialist oral surgeon. Try to find someone experienced in your area. It’s difficult to see what the problem is without seeing you in person however. I hope this helps. Regards, Mark.
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