I Drink A Lot Of Tea And My Teeth Are Becoming Loose. Will I Need A Denture Or Is There Something Else I Can Do?

Hi Dr Shaffie. What are my options if my two front teeth are becoming loose? They feel loose and they are not stable. What are my options if my two front teeth are rotting out? I do not know if they are rotting out or not but I am worried they are. I drink a lot of tea. But I brush my teeth three times a day. But my mother had to have dentures in her early thirties and I was worried about my teeth

I do not want to leave the gaps in my mouth especially my two front teeth. Is there a way to put two fake teeth in and attach them to my gums? Thank you I hope you can answer my queries.

Hello. Based on what you have told me I would say your options are either to have two implants and crowns which are fixed or to have a denture which is not fixed and you need to take it out and clean it. Search this website for more information on these types of procedures and search the internet for a local cosmetic dentist in your area. Thanks, Dr Hussein Shaffie.
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