I don’t have many teeth left can I use a bridge

Q. I don’t have many teeth left only a few bottom teeth of which i need a tooth at the very end of my front lower teeth would it be possible to put a bridge with only one tooth next to it ?

A. It is possible to attach abridge to a single tooth – we call this a cantilever bridge. However, a bridge may not be the best option for you as the teeth that support bridges require good bone support and strong remaining tooth structure. If you only have a few teeth left then it is possible that a bridge might only worsen your situation. Often the underlying cause of a large number of teeth being lost is gum disease. this needs to be treated first before embarking on bridge work. It may be a better solution to remove your remaining teeth and provide you with implant supported dentures (or even fixed bridge to the implants). Obviously a full assessment of your mouth is required before any of these decisions could be made.

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