I do not feel like I have been properly informed about my treatment, what should I do?

Recently i had a dental treatment and doctor offered me a further treatment of root canal and crown which is going to cost me £204. Two months ago same doctor checked my front tooth and done the filling on it which came off with in two months and i was told that they will redo the filling for me. Last night, i went to a same dentist for a filling and i mentioned him that my gums are bit swollen around that same tooth. He checked my tooth and done some Xrays and told me that there is same decay on the back of my teeth which is causing this swelling. He tried to remove the decay and drill it and after a while he told me that tooth is gone, its half broken. Then he showed me an xray and told me that tooth was there just becuase of big filling and no actual tooth was left. My complain is that; 1- Why didn’t he treat it properly two months ago when he done the filling. 2- Why didn’t he tell me about the consequences of my treatment. 3- Why did he try to clean the decay when he had already seen my xrays. Before starting a treatment i should have informed about that consequences. 4- During my all treatment i wasn’t informed about anything like what can be happend to my tooth in the future and i was not given any options for the treatment. 5- I have asked them for a second opinion but they said that i can’t have it becuase my treatment has already started but it hasn’t started yet. To me it feels like they want to do their job quickly without doing it properly. Just in hurry of completing all appointments in a day. As a patient it is my right to have a second opinion.
You should explain your concerns to the practice owner and if necessary seek a 2nd opinion from another dentist if they won’t agree to arrange one for you.
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