I am 55, is that too old to receive braces?

Hello there Dr Hughes. I am 55 yrs old. I always had beautiful straight teeth but now my 22 front teeth seem to have receded by the teeth beside them which have come forward so that on sometimes when I smile they look like they are missing.I also have receding gums. I would like to get my teeth nice and straight again. I don’t really want to have veneers as I have heard so many negative things about them. Do you think I am too old for orthodontic treatment as in having a brace? Do you have any other suggestions. Many thanks, I await your reply. 
Hello there, you are not too old for orhtodontic treatment. There are a myriad of options open to you these days, from clear aligner braces to lingual fixed braces. I would advise you to come and see our specialist orthodontist to fully assess what options would be suitable for you. I hope this helps. Kind regards


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