I Am 5 Months Pregnant. Would I Get A White Filling For Free Through The NHS?

Hi, I’m currently nearly 5 months pregnant, I have a maternity exemption form and I just wanted to know something, a couple of months after I had my son I was brushing my teeth and the inside corner up to the halfway mark chipped off one of my top front teeth, I never got it looked at because I was always ashamed of it never smiling in front of people and never laughing and so from then a month or two after that it broke up to the top and was more ashamed to let anybody see it. It’s been like this now for around 2 years, would I have to pay for this as it would need a white filling, thanks in advance.
Hi, I’m sorry to hear this. You should be a aware that during pregnancy the teeth are more susceptible to decay during pregnancy. There is no reason to feel ashamed about this, it’s fairly common. Find a dentist you are comfortable with, that doesn’t make you feel like you’re being judged. You should get a white filling free of charge as you are exempt under NHS. You should get looked at as soon as possible. Thanks, I hope this helps. Dr Hussein Shaffie.
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