How Much Would it Cost to Fix My Discoloured Tooth?

Hiya, I was just wondering how much it would cost as my front tooth is black and I need it fixing. it’s so embarrassing, I don’t go out because I feel everyone is staring at it. I was just wandering how much it would be to be filled and made the same colour as my other teeth? Please reply a price as it’s urgent, I’m losing everyone because I won’t go out because I’m worried of people laughing at my teeth. Please help me fix my teeth with some advice and a price as this is very upsetting for me and needs sorting as soon as possible.
Hi, thanks for getting in touch. It will depend on what is required to fix the problem but it sounds like you might need a crown, possibly with a root canal treatment. As an example, prices at my clinic in Essex start from around £500 for a crown, however you will need a full assessment prior to treatment. Hope this helps, Andrew.
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