How Much Would Dental Implants Cost?

Hi. I’m really upset about my teeth, as in constantly thinking and being upset about them. I don’t feel like myself at all. I’m quiet young still, and have had quiet a lot of work in the past. I recently got told I’m going to lose one of my teeth, which really has upset me and I cant stop thinking about it. I also need root canal but they said even if they do root canal they might not be able to save the tooth because it’s really infected. I’ve had crowns in the past. I will also need fillings in a couple of my teeth. Now I don’t know what to do. The cost is going to be so much and I don’t know what to do. Even if I get the problem sorted my teeth will still look horrid. I don’t know what my options are. What is best to do because I’m feeling very stuck and trapped. I think I’m going to need dental implants inside my mouth. How much would that cost? Thank you.
Hello, thank you for getting in touch. The solutions to your problems, of which their could be many options, can only be ascertained following a thorough examination, diagnosis and then treatment planning after that. So my advice is to go to an experienced dentist whom you can trust, who can advise you on all the treatments you can have to help you, and take it from there. Regards, Mark.
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