How Much Will My Partial Denture Affect The Look Of My Face?

Hi Mark, I’d like your advice. I’m having 4 top teeth removed for partial denture. They stick out to a V shape at the front. Now there isn’t much space so the front teeth will be made narrower to fit the gap, will this look normal? My top lip is full, so will bringing the teeth back straight make my lip really thin?
My chin sticks out a bit an I’d like to know if this will this make it stick out more? I am desperate to alter my sticky out teeth and have a better smile. At the moment the 4 front teeth stick out so much they rest on my bottom lip. Thanks.
Hi. Without examining you in person it’s really difficult to answer your questions I’m afraid. I would advise that you ask the dentist who is carrying out the treatment before you fully commit to it or go for a second opinion from an experienced cosmetic and/or restorative dentist. I hope this advice eases your worries and you find the smile you hope for. Kind regards


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