How Long Does The Pain Last Following Root Canal Treatment?

I have had a root canal done 2/26/13 on a bottom rear molar # 31,how long does the pain last from the root canal and I was told to chew on opposite side soft foods until my restoration,prior to that that regular dentist said I would need a appointment in two or three weeks to finish the restoration (crown),now Im told I cannot get a appointment till April with permanent crown finished in May.Is that to long to wait with a temporary white filling that is used ?? I am very sensitive to pain and have high anxiety with dental work.
Any discomfort following a root canal treatment can sometimes take a few days or weeks to settle, but it should get a little bit better each day. In extreme cases it can take months and in rare situations it might not settle. This would usually indicate a further problem with infection or a fracture of the tooth or root. The crown can be placed immediately in some cases but it is often wise to wait until the tooth settles before placing the crown. Your dentist will advise you what is best based on your personal clinical situation



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