How Long Do Dental Implants Take to Fit?

Hi. I have a bridge/crown on the my front three teeth which I have had for at least 20 years. It is now feeling very weak and is going to fail at any time. I was wondering if dental implants would be an option, and if so how long would they take to fit (do you need weeks for the implants to settle?) and I’m conscious that I would be left with a gap. Do you have any idea of the rough costs? I know it’s a little vague but just thought that I would ask the question before booking an an initial assessment. Many thanks. 
Hi, many thanks for your question. If the front three teeth are on a bridge the chances are that two teeth are supporting the three teeth. This will mean that you have two teeth under the bridge with one tooth missing.

Now if the teeth under the bridge are savable, then you could have the teeth under the bridge crowned separately and then just have a single tooth dental implant to replace the one missing tooth. During the healing of the implant we could place a temporary bridge on the existing teeth so you would not be left with a gap. The full treatment time would be approximately 12 weeks and cost approximately £3000.

If the teeth under the bridge are not savable, we could extract these two teeth and place 2 dental implants. These implants would require 8 weeks of healing before a final bridge is placed. In the interim period we could make a temporary bridge on the dental implants or place a temporary denture so you would not have a gap. The approximate time would again be 12 weeks and the cost would be approximately £4500. Kind regards, Kailesh. 

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