How Can I Treat Chipped and Discoloured Teeth Without Using Replacements or Veneers?

Hello. I’ve had braces and my teeth are straight, but I chips in a few of my front teeth. I also have some discolouration and towards the end of the tooth it’s almost transparent, I think this may be due to enamel wear as I drink a lot of Coke. I’m looking to get cosmetic dentistry to fix this, but what would be the best option for me to get this fixed without getting veneers or completely replacing the tooth? Thank you.
Hi, thank you for your question. There is a possibility that composite bonding  would be helpful for you. This is very conservative to the tooth structure. However this is often very challenging in teeth with acid erosion as often the bite has deepened and might need to be opened up. It would be very advisable to only choose a dentist who has a lot of understanding and experience of treating this problem and who can show you examples of similar cases. Bonding is often more challenging for dentists as they do the ‘artistry’ work with the build up of the bonding, whereas with veneers the dental technician does it. Kind regards, Mark.
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