Hi Mark, I’d Like To Know If I Could Have Lumineers On Only The Teeth That Show?

Hello Mark, I wonder if you could give me some advice. I am currently thinking about having Lumineers on my top teeth as I feel they are too small, they are also chipped and yellow, plus, I have ground my two front teeth down a little. Could I have 8 done as the rest do not show? Also I feel my top palette is too narrow (I had my fangs removed as a teenager as my dentist said their wasn’t enough room in my mouth), would Lumineers go anyway to correct this? Thank you for your response in advance.
Hello and thank you for getting in touch. It could be possible to treat you with Lumineers and to have all 8 done to achieve a good result but I would need to see you in person first ideally or alternatively could you send a photo in? This would allow me to give you more in depth advice on what Lumineers would do for you. You should also consider a mouth guard at night to control your grinding problem. Send them to [email protected]. I hope this helps,. Regards, Mark.
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