Help! I Chipped My Tooth After A Root Canal, And Now I Get A Horrid Taste In My Mouth. What Are My Options?

Hi, I need help. I smashed three of my top front teeth out 15 years ago when I was 15, now I am older I am self conscious about the way they look in the mirror. I had a root canal done which was very painful and then I chipped two of them not long after the root canal treatment. Now I think they are a horrid colour and look mouldy. I brush, rinse, and floss every day and try to take as best of care of my teeth the best I can. Do you have any suggestions on what my options are these days? I was thinking that should I get them pulled out and replaced them with false ones. I also get a horrid taste in my mouth. Please help I am at my wits end! Thanks for your time, I await your answer.
Hi, It sounds like you need to get X-rays of your teeth. From your description, you possibly could have a secondary infection or root fractures of the root-filled teeth. I suggest you consult your dentist. Thanks for getting in touch. Dr Safeer Butt.
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