Do I Need Specialist Treatment for Tooth Removal?

Hi, my teeth are in a terrible state. I think I need all of them out due to either being rotten or severe gum recession, where if they don’t get taken out they will fall out as my front bottom teeth are not meeting the gums now at the back. I have not been to the dentist for years and even when I was in agony with a rotten tooth I did not go and everything just got worse. Every time I try brushing my teeth the blood flows freely. I am very depressed about this and it just spirals by being ashamed about it.

I need specialist treatment for the removal of teeth, as well as gum recession dentures.

Please help.

Hello, thank you for your message. You need to find a local dentist to examine you to see what treatment you need. It’s unlikely you’ll need a specialist at this stage, however you could be referred if need be, if the treatment is more complicated than expected. Kind regards, Andrew. 
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