Could you advice me on straightening of teeth?

Q. Hello Doc, I am 34 years old and I have a primary tooth between my front tooth and the #2. it protrudes infront the #2, which is still there but twisted behind it. the primary tooth is also shaking slightly. I’ve been to the dentist and i was told i might have to do an extraction. the dentist also gave me this explanation for my top row i hope you can understand. 432112234 the 1s are the two front teeth and they count in both directions as you can see, i have two #2s on the right one of them being the primary tooth… my smile is not one im very proud of so is there any advice you can give me in terms of getting it straightened out? thanks a mil!

A. Its difficult to give you exact ideas without seeing you but one option might be removing the extra tooth and then having them straightened with something like invisalign.

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