Can you help me find a clinic for a lingual laser frenectomy?

I am considering a lingual laser frenectomy but finding clinics or information on where and how to proceed is proving much more difficult than expected. Can you help with a clinc within short distances of Milton Keynes that i can consider?
Dear Enquirer,

A lingual frenectomy removes the fold of tissue under the tongue. Some people have a large frenum that limits tongue movement and can interfere with speech.
To complete a frenectomy a surgeon can use a scalpel or a laser. A laser minimizes bleeding reduces the need for sutures and causes less postoperative pain. If a scalpel is used sutures will be needed after surgery.
I would advise you do some research into your local hospital Oral Surgery Department and ask if they provide this procedure.

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May 5th, 2011 at 08:47 PM
Cadence Says :

Hi, Can you please tell me if you carry out a lingual frenectomy using laser? If so, what is the cost for this procedure?

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