Can You Get Dental Implants on the NHS?

Hi, I’m 30 years old and my teeth are bad through my own fault. I’m really embarrassed and ashamed of my teeth and when I talk to someone I can see them looking at my teeth and some of my friends laugh at me and call me names so I don’t really socialise with anyone, and that’s including my family. I sit in my bedroom all the time watching TV so I dont get laughed at. I really need implants, I dont just want them to have nice teeth I want them so I can get the confidence to go outside and talk to people without feeling embarrassed and ashamed. How much cosmetic treatment can you get for £50 month? Can you get implants on NHS?
Hello, thanks for getting in touch. It would be about £3000 for treatment (one implant and crown). Only special cases will be entitled to implants on the NHS and I think then only in a hospital. Kind regards, Mark. 
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