Can My Dentist Make Changes to My Veneers Without Telling Me?

I had my veneers fitted last Thursday and the dentist made changes to both the colour I had decided upon and also the shape etc. without discussing with me (or gaining any consent) prior to them being fitted. He also didn’t show me the veneers before cementing them on.
He now says that he can’t fit me in until next week to discuss my concerns.
Is he allowed to have made changes to my veneers without consulting me about these changes first? I am now left with teeth half a shade darker and he has also taken the liberty of adding a mix to them, to make them natural – I wanted B1 and he said to me (only AFTER he had finished my veneer fitting treatment) that he had made them B2 – I am so disappointed and distressed as he has also shortened them and pushed them back..
Where do I stand – what can be done?
Any help would be gratefully received.
Thank you for your question. I would suggest you go back to speak to the dentist and discuss all your concerns in person and see what they can do. It is very common to have slight changes between your provisional veneers and the final versions as they are made by hand and so can never match exactly.

Despite this it is always wise to have a full visual ‘try in’ of your veneers prior to cementation, often in different lighting. This gives you an opportunity to preview them and give your approval/consent prior to them being bonded in place. In my own practice we get both verbal and written consent before we take the final step. Once they have been bonded, if they are requested to be replaced then the treatment has to be done all over again.

It’s always best to go back and discuss your concerns. As the treatment is quite a long procedure (as you already know) it may be that the dentist has an already full schedule and he/she may need some time before spaces open up in which to be able to first assess your concerns and then book the treatment in, so in this regard you may have to be patient. I am sure they are doing their best to help you.  Best of luck, I hope you find a resolution soon.  Kind regards,  Mark.

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