can my broken crown be repaired and how long is this process

Q. Saturday afternoon I was biting an apple and my front crown broke. It did break into the gum line. Can it be repaired and how long is this process. I cant work with my front tooth missing. Please, help, I can’t reach a dentist in my area on the weekend and morning can’t come fast enough.

A. If your crown has been broken at the gum line it may be that the tooth underneath has had a previous root treatment.  If this is the case the crown may be placed as a temporary measure but it is likely that you need a new crown.  Good luck

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June 5th, 2009 at 08:47 PM
gabriella Says :

I’m so sad today a door hit me in my face, and chipped my tooth
I find it bad, the guys I was with told me i’m exagerating but anyway it didn’t hurt till now
and it happened about an hour ago. what should I do 🙁

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