Can I pay with a payment scheme to replace my missing teeth with dental implants?

Hi Mark
Over the past 2 years I have had 7 teeth removed because continuous abscess problem from having all my teeth. I now have a gap from my central incisors to my wisdom tooth on my right side.
I have tried the false teeth, but they generate so much saliva that they make me physically sick. When asking my dentist about implants, the price I was given was £1500 a tooth.
Mark I am a working man but I am not a wealthy man, is there any scheme I could go on where I could pay monthly or better still have a trainee do his or here training on me.
Mark any suggestions I would be grateful for.

Yours gratefully 

Hi Implants are generally the best treatment to replace missing teeth. However if you are missing a run of teeth, it is not always necessary to replace every tooth with an implant but have a smaller number linked with a bridge. It is a complex procedure over several visits and I would recommend whoever carries out the work has excellent skills and experience for a successful result. Finally most practices now offer finance starting at 0% APR where the cost can be spread over monthly instalments.

Good luck


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