Can I Afford Invisible Braces On Job Seekers Allowance?

Hello Dr. Patel, I am 20 years old and receiving income based job seekers allowance . If I was to get invisible braces, how much would that cost? I’ve had braces before when I was at school and they were free of charge. However, my wisdom teeth have come out and I’ve been told from my dentist that I’ll have to have them removed due to not enough room. So therefore, because of my wisdom teeth growing, they’ve pushed the rest of my teeth slight forward, so I’m thinking of getting braces again so I can have straight teeth. Anything you can suggest will be helpful, thanks in advance 
Hello there, Invisible braces are a private treatment costings vary depending on the type of appliance an approx range is £1500-6000 and whether it is treating both jaws or just one. Find a good dentist who provides orthodontics and have a consultation to discus options. good luck 
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