Can Anything Be Done To Increase The Appearance Of My Gums? I’m Extremely Paranoid About Smiling.

Hello Dr Hughes. I have receding gums and it seems to be getting worse. I’m extremely paranoid about smiling and showing my teeth. So my question is: Can anything be done to increase the appearance of my gums as opposed to all of my teeth and what would I be looking at cost wise? I have already lost one of my back teeth through my gums being so weak and my dentist advises me that I will lose more teeth if I do not have something sorted. They have also advised that I will struggle to hold dentures as my gums are very small, I’m only 32 and would like to prevent my teeth from falling out anyway I can. Thank you.
Hello. If you have Periodontitis (gum disease) then this would need to be resolved before any gum augmentation procedures could be carried out, such as Connective tissue grafting or Alloderm grafting. My advice is that you see a Periodontal Specialist as soon as possible for advice and treatment and choose one that does a lot of these surgical grafting techniques. Costs vary on size and complexity of the procedures as well as the qualifications, skill and experience of the dentists in question but a ballpark is from £1500 – £6000 depending on how many areas are treated. Regards, Mark.
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