Are There Any Companies Which Provide Cosmetic Dental Insurance Cover In The UK?

Hi Dr Hughes, I have overcrowded teeth and planning to go for a “six months smiles” treatment and I’m looking for a company that can provides insurance cover for this cosmetic treatment. I did some search and called some well known companies, but none of them provide insurance. So I was wondering as an expert, could you advise me is there any companies providing cosmetic insurance cover in the UK.

Thank you for taking the time to respond.

Hi. Insurance will not cover elective cosmetic treatment. It’s ‘insurance’ after all, against health issues, not a facility to reduce your costs for treatment you desire to have rather than that which you need (for health reasons).

If you wish to have such treatment you will have to invest the money to receive the benefits. There are payment plans and financing arrangements that can be made which would make things more affordable. I hope this helps. Best wishes, Mark.

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