Am I doing the right thing by wearing a bite appliance to help breath easily?

Hi, fi have been seeing a orthodontist in london i have a narrow maxillar this effects my breathin and struggle to breath through my nose. Also this really effect my articulation as my tonge will not go intio the back of the mouth as it should be for speen and keeps coming forward. It is costing me £7000 with the orthodonticst he has fitted a bite appliance to bring my lower jaw forward and also to widen the upper arch. I know this is what needs to be done as the arch is high. I have been reading on the internet an adults upper arch cannot be widened as the bone is now solid and only the teeth will be tipped and can only be done via surgery. I have been going around the uk seeing different dentist and this is really getting me down.

Pls can you help io am spending a fortune on this.

Thank you

It sounds like you’re in good hands already and without seeing you I cannot offer you any useful advice in such a complex case
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