A tooth on my bridge is turning grey, what is wrong?

I had two lava bridges placed on my front teeth earlier this year because I was missing a tooth on either side (they never grew in). The bridge on the left side looks perfect but the one on the right has started to look slightly grey. I am very careful about taking care of my teeth everyday. What would cause this and can it be corrected? The other thing I have noticed since the bridge on the right was placed is that it doesn’t feel like it is on the tooth right. I can feel a small part of my tooth between the bridge and my gum line. Could this be the cause?
Hi and thanks for your questions

It’s difficult if not impossible to give you an accurate diagnosis without actually seeing you in person. Teeth or porcelain looking ‘grey’ can be caused by several things. Ususally the porcelain itself would not change colour but certainly the tooth/teeth underneath can. It could possibly be due to a space opening up where the bridge fits the tooth or it could be due to the tooth underneath losing vitality.

I would advise you to go back to the dentist who carried out the treatment to have the situation reassessed. Alternatively please fell free to come and see me for a consultation and advice

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March 31st, 2013 at 08:47 PM
Arthur Says :

I had a bridge put in about 2an a half years ago . So naw I can notice my teeth under the bridge is rooten. What should I do

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