A Sweet Tooth And Need My Back Teeth Fixing So My Teeth Don’t Bleed When I Brush. How Much Would Treatment Cost?

Hello Dr Hughes, I am 20 years out and I have a very sweet tooth. My smile is my best asset, however what it hides is terrible. I’ve got many fillings and gold crowns and I want them fixed permanently, so my teeth don’t bleed when I brush. Half of one tooth is absent, but my smile, well my front teeth are amazing. The 4 top right teeth at the back need fixing. The 2 middle back teeth at the top left need fixing. 4 on the bottom two either side need fixing also. I’m really worried, how much will it cost? I hope you can help me with this. Thank you.
Hello and thank you for getting in touch. In order to give you accurate suggestions and options for your treatment I’d need to be able to see your situation in person. We could give you some ideas from a photograph emailed in or else ideally come for a consultation to discuss what can be done. I hope this helps. Kind regards


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