Will My NHS Exemption Card Entitle Me to a Porcelain Crown?

I have a ceramic crown that broke and my dentist says he will need to make a new metal crown. This is for a molar, number 6. You will be able to see it when I smile, so I am hoping to get a porcelain bonded to metal crown.

I am pregnant and have an NHS maternity exemption card, but I am not sure if this will only cover a metal crown or if I will need to pay privately to make it look like a normal tooth. Would this be considered cosmetic? I am not really sure what the “free” NHS exemption card entitles me to. I am happy to pay privately because it is important to me that I don’t show metal when I smile. I would just like to be prepared.

Hello, thank you for getting in touch. A porcelain crown would look better, but its probably only available privately. Kind regards, Andrew. 
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