Will lumineers be the best option to treat the damage caused by acid erosion?

Dear Rob,

I’m 20 years old and have extremely sensitive teeth. Notably, this because I’ve suffered bad acid erosion to my teeth due to the diet during my younger years (As a further consequence, the enamel on my front teeth is very thin). Cold and hot foods/ drinks give me a very sharp and agonising pain. Even when I eat foods that aren’t affected by tempature such as chocolate, I feel a painful sensation that goes directly to my back teeth.

I’ve been looking into Lumineers as a way of correcting this problem. I was wondering because of my extreme tooth sensitivity would I be eligible to have them done on the NHS? I’ve decided against traditional veneers because of the unecessary tooth reduction and the fact that I do still have healthy teeth.

Thank you

To specify your lab work to this degree would mean paying private fees. However in some erosion cases no tooth reduction is required for traditional veneers because enough tooth has already been lost.
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