Which Material Would Be The Best For My Bridge?

Which material is better to make a
bridge? The original tooth that is holding the bridge is cracked. We know our chchoices are ceramic or metal back. I am 83 years old and am in pretty good health otherwise, no heart condition, diabetes, breathing trouble—just overweight. I take celebrex every other day, baby asprin, omneprozle, claritin genetic, and vitamins. i exercise about 4 to 5 times a week at a gymn. I have a hearing problem. I do not have false teeth. so my question really when it boils down to it is which is the best kind of bridge for me to go for considering my circumstances (age, health, supplements taken etc.) would the  bridge be better if it were, ceramic or metal back teeth?
statistically you cant argue with the longevity of a porcelain bonded to metal bridge . considering your age and everything else that you have stated above, this is the logical and reasonable solution I would say.
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