Where Is The Best Way To Buy Gel Refills For Teeth Whitening. Can The Internet Sites Be Trusted?

Hi Mark. I hope you can help. Please can you recommend where is the best place to buy gel refills for teeth whitening. I had this done at my old dentist and I still have the trays but I have moved home now and my old dentist is not responding. I would like to purchase the refills but there seems so much choice and I don’t want to buy the wrong thing. Also, Can the internet sites really be trusted?

Many thanks, I look forward to hearing your reply.

Hello, thank you for getting in touch. I would not trust websites unless they are from an actual dental practice. You probably need to book a consultation to legally allow the dentist to dispense the whitening gels. It’s always best to have a fully registered professional not only dispense but supervise your treatment, just in case there is an risk of complications. This way you can see the person who is providing you with a product and build up trust with regards to this treatment and not worry if it comes from a bad source on the internet. I hope this helps. Kind regards, Mark.
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