What options are there to replace missing teeth?

I have very goofy teeth in the last year ive had abcesses and had seven teeth out from top and three out from bottom my jaw hurts all the time because my teeth dont sit together how they used to i cant chew i paid for my treatment then went on benefits as my partner got bowel cancer i thought when the dentist did this he would replace the missing teeth but he just keeps fobbing me off . what can i have done to sort out my problem and can i have anything done on the n.h.s. please help this is getting me down. I FEEL LIKE WHEN I WAS PAYING THEY COULDNT DO ENOUGH TREATMENT FOR ME AND NOW IM NOT PAYING THEY DONT CARE. THANKYOU
Thank you for your enquiry.

There are a number of options to replace missing teeth. When you have a number of teeth missing, Implants and Dentures are the two main options you have.

You would have to call NHS direct to find a dentist then visit them for a full consultation and they can tell you if your treatment is covered.

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