What is the best way to whiten my teeth; veneers, composite bonding, cleaning or teeth whitening?

I’m only 16, but am desperate to improve the look of my discoloured teeth. I have also chippedmy two front teeth, so have two composite fillings in place. I have never had very white teeth, so have been warned that having my teeth bleached or whitened may result in no change. I’ve been looking into veneers and lumineers, but of course each are expensive and i’ve already had to start saving now. Which method would you recommend for me, that is best quality for money with regards to how long they last, and as least pain as possible.

Tooth whitening may well be the place to start, but at your age treatment has to be undertaken very carefully, to avoid potential dmaage to the young nerves in your teeth. There are also treatments called ‘micro-abrasion’ treatments that could also help, which simply polish out surface enamel stains and replenish the surface enamel with minerals to re-strengthen it

Composite bonding could also help if the staining is deeper or more severe. This is usually a more preferred way of ‘veneering’ young teeth as porcelain veneers can be quite destructive to the teeth, if reducing the teeth is indictaed to get the best aesthetic result

The best thing for you to do to find out all the answers applicable to your particular situation is to come and have a full assessment of your dental health and aesthetic dental needs. These things always start with a thorough examination and discussion of options

I hope you found that helpful?

Thank you for your questions and maybe see you some time soon to discuss?

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