What are the best options to save my smile if I suffer from advanceed periodontal disease?

hi , i am 43 and have quite advanced periodontal disease , also an overbite on my top teeth and tmj disorder . i have already had 5 teeth removed , and today i saw a periodontist and he said i need another 3 out but not replace them .. this periodontal disease started about 5 years ago . i do smoke , which i know is a huge factor in the disease .. what i want to know is if i had all my teeth removed , would that end the disease ? and could i then have implants to replace all my teeth ? or is it not possible because of gum and bone reduction ? my dentist is always saying they are trying to save my teeth , but whats the point if they are destroying whats underneath ??? Any assistance you can offer would be greatly appreciated as at present I am finding this deeply depressing at the moment in time 
Its always difficult to make the decision to remove teeth, however if the gum disease is progressive and bone loss is rapid removal of the teeth will stop the bone loss and allow you to consider replacement of the teeth with dental implants. If the teeth are left too long then the bone maybe lost preventing future implant placement. I would seek a 2nd opinion from another dentist, but first you really should stop smoking to give the teeth and future implants the best chance of long-term success
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