What are temporary crowns made of?

I have been reading the information on the website about dental crowns and bridges and it is very clear and easy to comprehend so I am able to understand the whole procedure of making crowns and bridges but I am a bit confused about the temporary crowns and bridges. If possible, I would like to know how are the temporary crowns and temporary bridges made and what are they made of. Are they tooth coloured or are they made of metal or gold?

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Hi It depends on the individual case and the materials can vary but in general they are custom made from an acrylic material or a composite resin. This is usually done ‘chair-side’ by the dentist and made from either a template copy of the tooth before the tooth is prepared or from a mock-up of the desired ‘new’ shape of the tooth – this ‘mock-up’ is called a diagnostic wax-up

It would be very unusual to have a temporary crown made from metal or gold, especially if you are having cosmetic dentistry carried out

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June 29th, 2011 at 08:47 PM
Marilyn Says :

I did a temporary crowning yesterday and i have not been able to chew well with my teeth.would be going back to the dentist in two weeks to fix the permanent crown(porcelain).just want 2 ask if by the time i have the porcelain crown,i will be able to chew properly

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