Should I have a crown fitted even though I have some discomfort in that tooth?

Dear Dr , I have recently been advised by my dentist that I require a crown fitted on one of my back teeth, the tooth has already had a root filling about 9/10 years ago, I cannot recall ever having problems with the root filling but upon changing my dentist they have noticed that my root filling is actually broken at the bottom of one side (if that makes sense) this tooh was re filled and I have had discomfort in the area since the filling, they have advised that I should still go ahead with the crown, I am however concerned that after having the crown fitted the root breakage could give me trouble which could possibly lead to extra root work and another crown being required… which would be the best way forward in your opinion !!
Well I guess I’d have to have a look at your Xray of the tooth to give you my opinion. If the root is compromised, either becasue it is cracked or the root canal filling is poor or failed then it would be better to have these issues resolved befoe the crown is placed. I’d advise a second opinion by consulting with an alternative dentist befoer you make any decisions
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