Should I Get Endodontic and Prosthodontic Treatment?

My front central incisors are big and protruding and rest of my teeth are aligned and straight. My orthodontic asked me to go to a prosthodontist and an endodontist for my two teeth. I am concerned how it will go inward and sharpen up. I am more concerned about the procedure. Moreover, endodontics means my tooth will be dead after etc. I am also concerned about the life of a prosthetic cap. Please help, shall I go for it? What do you call this treatment, is it porcelain veneers? What is the cost of that? What is the durability and precautions? Please help, thanks.
Hello, thank you for your question. My advice is to go and see a prosthodontist, restorative dentist or very experienced cosmetic dentist for advice first. A thorough examination, diagnosis and consultation of your options is essential to have very high quality treatment. Best wishes,  Mark.
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