One Of My Teeth Hides Behind Another, What Options Are Available?

Hi, I have a tooth that is behind my front tooth and behind what I think is a canine tooth, I have had self-esteem problems with this tooth for years because it looks like the tooth is not there, I am wanting a cosmetic treatment to solve the problem but I am not sure which treatment is most suitable for me. I am also a student so cost will be an issue. Could you possibly recommend a treatment that will work for me and that is particularly cheap? Also if you could give me an estimation of what price you think it is likely to be that would be brilliant too? Thanks, hope to hear from you soon.
It would be impossible to suggest a treatment correctly without an examination of you in person. The most likely solution is an orthodontic one and there are many systems but again it’s impossible to say if that’s suitable or give you an accurate cost without actually seeing the situation in person.

My advice would be to have a consultation as soon as you can to find out all your options

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